About Qigong Massage (QST)
What is Qigong Massage?
This research-based treatment for autism is a parent-delivered massage program called QST
(Qigong Sensory Treatment) that reduces the severity of autism in children by one third in the first
five months. Sensory difficulties, behavior and learning improve at home and in school.
How does Qigong Massage treat  autism?
Children with autism avoid touch and eye contact, have difficulties calming down,
sleeping, eating, connecting and communicating with others, focusing attention and

Research studies show that qigong massage for autism can reverse these problems
and decrease the severity of autism.
What's involved?
Parents learn an easy, enjoyable 15-minute Qigong massage
that they give to their child every day. It isn't complicated, and
parents will be surprised at how well it explains much of what
they've seen and experienced with autism. Children love the
massage, and parents love being able to help their child.
Qigong Massage - Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST)
Parents give the 15-minute massage every day, and trained
therapists provide weekly parent support and child treatment. As
a result, touch normalizes and eye contact improves; the child is
calmer, more aware, and more receptive. Parenting stress goes
down. Sleep, digestion and behavior improve. There is a firmer
foundation for social and language development.

Qigong massage is not a cure for autism. But it can make a
difference in a child’s life.